just my stock - Heating / Boiler Spares and Parts Search

just my stock is no longer open for business. This is due to the extended warantees offered by manufacturers, and the subsidised deals the British Government are currently offering on condensing boilers and other green energy solutions.

So for now, if you are after boiler spare parts you will need to look alot harder and maybe pay a litle extra to get your parts.


FYI - Sabre Spares are currently offering MASSIVE SAVINGS for CASH sales :

85-87 Cotmandene Cresent,
St. Pauls Cray,
Orpington, Kent

You cannot phone them - you can only visit the shop and make a purchase.

just my stock is a privately owned website and is NOT owned by Sabre Spares. This is just a bit of friendly information for anyone that wants to pick up a REALLY BIG BARGAIN THIS WEEK.